If it wasn’t already clear when comparing Brandy’s first two posts and my first two posts, my role on this blog is to crack jokes and generally just be kind of silly. What I’m writing about today are a few unexpected bonuses we’ve–okay, I’ve–come to enjoy having Willy around the house. While this is largely “tongue-in-cheek”, I’m also 100% serious. Hopefully this won’t undermine any actual “parenting” we have to do down the road.

1. Perfect excuse to order the “Sports Package” on DirecTV.

Over the course of the last eight years or so I’ve gradually become more and more interested in Soccer. This past summer during the World Cup it naturally reached an all-time high. So high in fact that I seriously considered adding the “Sports Package” to my television service in order to watch soccer (primarily international competition and the German Bundesliga). Cooler heads managed to prevail though, and I realized I probably wouldn’t watch enough to make it worthwhile.

With Willy around to chip in some hours in front of the television watching primarily the Italian Serie A, as well as having someone in the house who already knows a majority of the players and teams… well lets just say I’ve been watching and paying attention to a lot of soccer the last few weeks.

2. Another person to play videogames with, particularly Rock Band.

Don’t get me wrong, Brandy enjoys a good round of gaming every now and then but marathon sessions of Rock Band aren’t exactly common-place. Well, they weren’t common-place.

3. The food.

You’ve probably already seen our last post. Enough said.