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This is a collection of American/Austin euphemisms or expressions that have been going around our house since Willy arrived. Mostly repeated over and over and over by Matt and Willy until they come up with a better one. I scoff and pretend to be annoyed but I really think it’s kinda cute. (I really hope neither of them read this or I’ll never live it down!)

I’ll try to list them in order from W’s first arrival in September but I might not get it completely correct:

“that’s what she said” / “same thing in Italian”
“your mom”
“DUDE!” – but more like DOOUUDDE!!!!!!
“that’s AWE-SOME!”
“yep, yep, yep, trials and tribulations, obstacles to overcome” – from Family Guy
“The bird is the word”
“Big PA-PA”
“Who’s your papa?”
“You’ve GOT to be kidding me”
“Oh c’mon dude”
“Stadio Olympic-O”
“Ho-kay” or “Ho’kay”
“What are you crazy or something?”

I hope to keep adding to the list over the next few months so check back!

Where we were on this momentous day:

parents house for white chili and suet pudding and some pre-game relaxing/Top Gear watching

ME – in the bedroom checking up on hulu/reading. All of the pets are with me because they get scared when Dad yells at the large moving screen on the wall.

MATT – in the entertainment room yelling at the large moving screen on the wall.

WILLY – luckily, he’s not scared so he is joining in on the yelling at the large moving screen on the wall.

Matt can update you later on the score because I don’t know -oops Matt just told me that the Packers won. Go Packers!

When Willy first arrived, he introduced us to Top Gear and we are now hooked on it. We’ve even gotten Matt’s parents addicted to it! Definitely, some cultural exchange going on in our household. haha